Tuesday, June 7, 2011



SUPERIMPOSEDPATTERNS is a young blog, its birth the result of an attempt to articulate a paradigm.  It is designed to share hope and positivity and fascination. In this capacity it has served as a kind of therapy by remaining in this aspirant bubble.  However, ignoring the truth because it is unpleasant is more than unwise, and how can a blog designed to create a cohesive framework for understanding reality succeed if part of the picture is blocked out.  This self-censorship and compartmentalization of thought is the antithesis of my aim.  And so, I have burst my bubble and now fall blissfully into the black pit of terror and despair that is the acknowledgment that all is not well, that, indeed, something is very wrong.  Please join me in freeing yourself from the world of pretend and we can begin dismantling the scaffolds of indoctrination and manipulation which surround our thoughts.  Rejecting the untruths we've been spoon-fed for our entire lives feels a bit like setting yourself adrift in a sea of uncertainty, but this is what actual critical thinking feels like.  It is the false sense of security that comes from unquestioning devotion to the dominant paradigm that has lulled us into complacency and apathy.  We must build a better understanding so that we may take more effective action against those who manufacture and exploit ignorance and confusion.  MACHINATION-STATE seeks to expose the credibility gap that has become a chasm so immense, so labyrinthian, so lined with fun-house mirrors and gatekeepers, so slippery with hyperbole and delusion, it verges on being unnavigable.  But the maze must be run and its designers must be toppled, we must learn the truth, the alternative is so horrific even my darkened and hardened spirit cannot bear to conceive of it.  I want to know the truth, don't you?  

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